Grades of Hair

There are various grades shave knots to choose from,Badger hair, boar hair, and synthetic. The list below is to help you choose the best knot for you. 

High Mountain White

This bad boy is currently the highest grade of badger hair knot on the market. Not necessarily the softest knot, which usually most higher grades are, still on the softer side when speaking of badger hair knots. It is well known for it's water retention. Whips up a great lather and maintains a sturdy backbone.

Silvertip Premium

Softest badger hair knot we stock. Extremely soft luxurious bristles. Lots of flexibility to whip up a rich lather.  

Silvertip Grade A 

Extremely soft bristles and strong backbone. One of our most popular knots. 


Firm bristles, soft tips and strong backbone. Beautiful distinct 2 band, dark stems with white tips.  Another popular one. Guys love the exfoliating feel of this knot. Whips up rich lather face or bowl lathering. 


Extremely soft and flexible greyish bristles. Makes for a great everyday or starter brush. 


Firm greyish and black bristles. Great exfoliating brush. Nice strong backbone. Another great starter brush. 

Black Badger

Firm black bristles. Great exfoliating knot, strong backbone and nice unique look. 


Extremely soft luxurious bristles. Whips up the richest, creamiest lather. 

Nylon 3 Band

Soft nylon hair with a beautiful 3 band badger hair appearance. Looks just like a badger hair knot. 


Extremely firm bristles and strong backbone. Roughest of the rough great for thick hair.