Tru Stone

Tru Stone Pen Blanks,  This material is a mixture of actual stone and resins. This is the PLYABLE mixture. You need very sharp tools to cut these blanks. I have noted on some of them that even though they are plyable, some are EXTRELY HARD and difficult to turn. The regular tru stone blanks are the easiest to turn, when you mix in the gold veining, they become harder and more difficult, the red and black are the hardest. Also the newest ones Honey Jasper, White Horn & Chrysocolla are extremely hard. This is just my opinion on various hardness of different Tru Stone blanks.

Soft - Persian Turquoise, White turquoise, Turquoise web, Kingman turquoise, Larimar turquoise, Black/white banded, Malachite, Leopard skin jasper, Obsidian, Red/Black, Rhodinite, White web

Moderate-  Reds with gold veining, Turquoise with gold veining, White Horn, White with gold viening  

Very Hard - Red & Yellow Dino bone, Honey jasper, Black with gold veining, Chrysocolla