Shave knots

The Golden Nib is proud to offer you the largest & finest selection of shaving brush knots in the USA.  Our knots are manufactured by several companies to our specs using 100% badger hair with no fillers. Tips are left natural and not trimmed. Our knots are made with extra hair and well packed. All knots are product of China unless otherwise specified. 

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High Mountain White - Silvertip - Best -  Finest - Pure - Black - Boar & Synthetic 

Please select from the categories below for type of hair and size.

High Mountain White- Top of the line, badger hair, very soft tips well packed, strong backbone

Premium Silvertip Badger Hair
Premium Silvertip- Top of the line silvertip, very soft natural tips, well packed, great for face lathering, 
Silvertip Grade A - Top of the line soft creamy white natural tips, well packed.
Master Badger - Natural silvertip hair, in smaller sizes & shorter lofts, great for small & travel brushes

Best Badger
Flexible and soft bristles with a bit of stiffness; great for massaging and exfoliation. Blend of dark and light badger hair to create a gray look.

Finest Badger
Finest Badger- Creamy white tips that fade to black, sometimes referred to as two band. Fairly soft tips well packed, good with soaps and creams. Available in fan & bulb shape

Pure Badger  Coarse dark hair with firm bristles, good for scrubbing and exfoliating, Value knot

Boar  Coarse hair with firm bristles.

Nylon Synthetic hair extremely soft tips with the look of badger.

Measurements-  Just a word on knot measurements. PLUG size generally runs about .05mm smaller than the listed size unless noted. The hair tuff above the glue plug, runs from .02 to .075 larger. Plug is approx 8mm tall, Loft is measured from the bottom of the plug to the top of the tips. 

Badger hair is a protected species in North America and most countries. Whether the badger hair knot is manufactured in the USA, Italy or UK, ultimately the badger hair itself 99% of the time will be a product of China were they are hunted and part of the food chain. Badgers are not farmed.

We now are stocking 5 minute two part epoxy for adhesive. DO NOT use super glue to set knots

 Click on the photos below to see the selection of knots. Please note, you are buying KNOTS ONLY, some photos show a completed brush in the picture, this is for visual aid only.