Chubby Black Style 5 Shave Brush Handle

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New Black Acrylic shave brush handle

Available in 22mm, 26mm, 28mm and 30mm



22mm Handle



Depth of handle opening: 11.6mm (you can customize the loft to your liking easily with a dremmel)

Handle opening approx: 21.8mm

most knots will vary 1-2mm so you have room for adjustment when setting your shave knot

26mm Handle 

Height: 44mm

Width: 36mm

Depth of hole: 14.6mm

Opening: 25.6mm

28mm Handle

Height: 49mm

Width: 39.6mm

Depth of hole: 12mm

Opening: 27.9mm

30mm Handle

Height: 48.7mm

Width: 39.9mm

Depth of hole: 12.6mm

Opening: 30mm