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Omega Handmade soap - The vegetable Products

The vegetable soap traded by our company, is manufactured according to ancient tradition with classic method named "cold process" with which, thanks to low temperature, it is possible to keep unchanged the active principle of used substances.
   The basis of this soap formula is exclusively made of 100% coconut oil 100% pure. The manufacturing process is really slow and accurate and several manual operations are needed to achieve a high quality finished product.
   Handmade soap, soft and fragrant, differs from the industrial one, hard and stony, in that the glycerin which naturally generates itself during the soap production cold process, is not removed and this is imprtant for the softness of the product.

Available in 8 fragrances, 100 gram (3.52oz) bars.

Karité Butter, Olive Oil, Blueberry, Aloe,  Marigold, Sulphur, 

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