Schmidt PRS Rollerball + Converter

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Schmidt PRS "Rolling Righter System" Rollerball system using fountain pen ink.Rollerball / Fountain Pen, the latest to come out of the German Black Forest by Schmidt. This new feed/housing assembly is a rollerball tip that uses fountain pen ink from a converter or cartridge.  It puts down a nice dark line of ink and has been tested to 20,000 lineal feet (much better and longer than the only competition out on the retail market). Uses standard international cartridges or converter,  Comes with a snap closing inner cap. The Schmidt PRS tip is a 0.7

This tip will replace a Visconti Eco Roller.

This will also fit most small tip rollerball front sections for Jr Gent series, Baron, Majestic Jr and others. You will need to retap the front section with a  M6.4 x .5 metric tap. The threads are close and you can hand tap this by just holding the front section and running the tap through.

Schmidt K5 Converter included